She’s Sharing Some Of The Toughest Struggles That Come With Dating As A Plus-Size Woman, Like When Men Act As Though They’re “Throwing Her A Bone” By Simply Approaching Her

T.Den_Team - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While being considered plus size and living life physically bigger comes with its unique challenges, not all of them are easy to talk about.

Sometimes, people fail to realize just how difficult dating is as a plus-size person, especially a plus-size woman, as you have to fight against people’s preconceived notions and other challenges.

TikTok creator Michelle Platti (@michelleplatti) recently went viral after talking about how she believes one of the worst parts about ‘being fat’ is navigating the dating world and is opening up the floor for plus-size women who are tired of being treated differently from other average-size women.

The first reason Michelle says dating as a plus-size woman is difficult is that she’s noticed some men act as though she’s “entitled” to thinking they’re attractive.

“If a man came up to me at a bar and I said that I wasn’t interested because I didn’t think he was cute or whatever, they kind of act like it’s insane that you’re not attracted to them because you’re fat and they were throwing you a bone,” says Michelle.

Michelle explains that she’s been met with aggression by men she didn’t find attractive because they believe she shouldn’t be picky or have certain expectations for looks since she’s larger.

“Just because I’m fat does not change the fact that you look like you were hatched from an egg, buddy,” jokes Michelle.

Now, you may be thinking that dating apps are better for plus-size women when it comes to finding a partner because you can go through a larger number of people in shorter periods. However, Michelle points out that some people on dating apps target larger people because they have a fixation on them, not because they’re actually interested in them.

So, while she wants to avoid those kinds of people, she also wants to avoid giving people the wrong impression on her profile.

T.Den_Team – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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