She’s Upset Her Fiancé Used To Spend His Money Freely On A Woman From His Past, But He’s Not Generous Now And Makes Her Split Everything

vetkit - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Three years ago, this 32-year-old woman’s 39-year-old fiancé, Max, used to be engaged to someone else.

Back then, Max was engaged to a woman named Lily, who unexpectedly passed away due to trauma.

She has been by Max’s side, helping him work through his issues related to Lily’s passing ever since she came into his life six months later, but there is one thing about Max and Lily’s relationship that really bothers her to this day.

You see, Max used to spend money on Lily like it was no big deal, yet he doesn’t treat her the same way.

Now, Lily was a single mom with no money who lived on government assistance and had housing through the government as well. Max was with Lily for 7 years.

She definitely is in a different financial situation than Lily was in, which may explain, in part, why Max treats her differently.

She and Max live two hours away from one another, but she spends the majority of her time at Max’s apartment.

She owns a home with her ex, and she owes him $125,000 in order to buy out his portion of their home.

Max loves her home, and she honestly does too. The value of her home has increased a lot since she purchased it, so it makes more sense for her to buy out her ex than shop for something new.

vetkit – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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