She’s Upset That Her Stay-At-Home Husband Won’t Do Chores Unless She Pays Him

auremar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old woman’s 29-year-old husband is a stay-at-home dad. They have two children together, a 3-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter.

Every weekday morning at 7 a.m., she wakes up her husband and their kids before heading off to work an hour later.

She’s gone until 5 p.m., and when she returns home, she cares for their kids until tucking them into bed. On the weekends, she’s on her own with childcare as well.

As for her husband, when he’s off from caring for the kids, he’s in charge of caring for their home and completing all the chores.

“For the first two or three years of our oldest’s life, this was our arrangement,” she explained. “I’ve slowly had to take on more of the chores because they just aren’t being done.”

“Laundry is constantly everywhere. The walls are covered in crayon, and marker, and chocolate. The sink is always full of dishes.”

“He doesn’t bathe the kids unless one of them has a blowout or gets into something while I’m working. He has never put them both in the car and taken them anywhere – not once. They basically live on TV and tablets.”

She has tried to put their daughter in gymnastics or preschool part-time, but then it’s on her to find time in her work day to drive her daughter to everything.

She’s frustrated with having to spend all of her nights and weekends dealing with the kids, feeding them, bathing them, and then putting them to bed.

auremar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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