These Filler Plant Varieties Are Perfect For Creating A Lush, Layered Garden That Feels Full And Vibrant

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When it comes to your garden, every single plant has a role to play, from towering trees to even the humblest of groundcovers.

But, in between these extremes lie the unsung heroes of the gardening world: filler plants.

These plants may not always make headlines. Still, they’re essential for creating a lush, layered garden that feels full and vibrant.

Filler plants, with their unique ability to blend into the garden, add depth and dimension to any outdoor space – filling in the gaps between more prominent plants and providing a continuous tapestry of color and texture.

The Benefits Of Filler Plants

Filler plants do more than just occupy empty spaces in your garden. They create visual harmony and can help to balance out the bold statements made by larger, more dramatic plants.

By adding these versatile plants to your garden, you’re ensuring a seamless transition throughout your landscape, which helps to draw the eye naturally across your garden.

Additionally, they can be a low-maintenance solution for areas where other plants struggle to thrive, making them a practical as well as an aesthetic choice.

So, here are some of our favorite filler plant varieties, as well as how to care for them.

Videowokart – – illustrative purposes only

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