Three Weeks After Her Wedding And Miscarriage, Her Husband Grabbed A Drink With A Woman To Discussing Donating To Help Her Have A Baby

Manuel - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Three weeks ago, this 43-year-old woman got married to her 39-year-old husband, and he actually was one of her old boyfriends from her younger years.

Then, they spent 10 years broken up before their paths crossed again, and the rest is history. Prior to her husband, she was married before, and she has kids from that relationship who are all teens now.

At her age, she hasn’t wanted to have any more kids, as she’s done raising them, and wants to focus on getting to live her life.

This is a topic she and her husband tackled early on after they reconnected, and he said he would love to have kids but respected her decision to not have more.

However, her husband mentioned in that conversation that he would really like to donate to help a woman have a baby one day; that way, he could still “leave his genetic mark” behind.

She was fine with this, and that never came up in discussion again afterward. Several days before their wedding last month, she realized she was pregnant, which was completely unplanned.

She felt a rush of confusion, shock, and horror, then realized not moving forward with her pregnancy would probably be the best idea given her age. Her husband didn’t agree and wanted to keep their baby.

“We cried, we talked, but ultimately, the decision was taken from us when I miscarried the afternoon before our wedding,” she explained.

“We still managed to have a wonderful day, but complications meant I required a rather unpleasant and painful procedure a week after the wedding.”

Manuel – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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