Weddings Are Major Milestones Worth Celebrating, So Create A “Champagne Wall” To Supply The Bubbly And Serve As A Great Photo Op

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I don’t know about you, but I love the tradition of popping a bottle of champagne during a good celebration.

When we reach certain milestones, whether graduating from school, moving into a new home, etc., they’re worth celebrating as hard as possible. When you pop a bottle of champagne with loved ones, it helps you celebrate your achievement and allows you to sit back and enjoy a drink with your loved ones.

That’s one of the reasons why serving champagne at a wedding is such a great idea, as many people consider getting married a major milestone worthy of popping bottles.

Instead of having your reception service staff walk around from table to table and individually pour guests glasses of champagne, you can spice things up and have a champagne wall at your wedding.

A champagne wall not only provides an efficient way for guests to grab a glass at your wedding, but it also makes for a great photo op.

There are so many fun ways to customize a champagne wall and make it an unforgettable part of your wedding.

You’ll first want to keep in mind all the elements of your wedding theme before designing and ordering your champagne wall. Think about your color scheme, the vibe you want your wedding to have, whether you want something more modern or old-school, etc.

Something you can do is keep your wall quite basic and include a simple arch or rectangle-shaped wall filled with champagne glasses a staff person can fill at some point in the reception.

You can write your and your spouse’s new shared last name at the top, write the word “Cheers!” and more.

tsezarina – – illustrative purposes only

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