While Traveling To Visit Friends, He Got Bumped Up To First Class On His Flight, And An Older Female Passenger Actually Wanted To Hook Up With Him

DavidPrado - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While on a flight to visit some childhood friends, TikTok user had a bizarre encounter with a fellow passenger. An older woman seated on the plane next to him made it known that she wanted to hook up with him.

So, he had initially purchased a basic economy ticket for a flight at the end of December, but when he arrived at the gate and opened his mobile boarding pass, he found that he had been bumped up to first class.

As he took his seat in the section of the plane reserved for first class, a woman who was twice his age plopped down next to him. He was a college student at the time.

A flight attendant approached them, asking if they wanted anything to drink. They both got a glass of red wine and started chatting. She informed him that she was flying to visit her boyfriend.

He asked how long they had been together and if they planned to get married. She said that if her boyfriend proposed to her, she would definitely accept.

The flight ended up getting delayed, so they each got another glass of wine. Finally, the plane took off, and soon, they hit some turbulence. She grabbed his arm, which he thought was no big deal because many people get nervous when they can feel the plane shaking.

As their journey into the air progressed, she suddenly leaned over and told him that she was clean. He didn’t understand the statement at first. She clarified that she had gotten tested for infections after sleeping with someone and was clean.

He tried to laugh it off and diffuse the situation. However, she said that it could be their “New Year’s secret.” He kept having to fend off her advances. When the flight attendant returned to offer a third glass of wine, he cut her off because the older woman already seemed way too tipsy.

After the plane landed, he helped her get to her taxi since she wasn’t in good enough shape to do it herself. As they walked through the airport toward baggage claim, he saw his childhood friend and younger brother were there to meet him.

DavidPrado – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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