With This Icing Decorating Technique, You Can Create Gorgeous Hydrangea Cupcakes That Double As Both Sweet Treats And Stunning Table Centerpieces

TikTok - @crateandbarrel

I love baking in the spring and summer, as not only are some of the yummiest seasonal recipes trending once again, but it’s also an excuse to get colorful and experimental with decorating.

Have you ever seen cupcakes with complex icing work that makes them look like a beautiful flower? I always wanted to make floral cupcakes but felt like I didn’t have the skill set to make it happen. 

But what if I told you that making floral cupcakes was easier than it may look?

One of the latest cupcake decorating trends is hydrangea cupcakes, which are stunning and colorful, and a plate of them can take the place of a beautiful floral arrangement in the middle of your table. Tiktoker @crateandbarrel is showing us how to get this look.

Making hydrangea cupcakes is all about how you use your frosting. You can use any frosting you’d like, as long as it’s white. For instance, you can go with a traditional vanilla buttercream or a tasty cream cheese frosting.

You’ll also need to grab some baking supplies from your local supply or grocery store. First, you need food coloring that coordinates with your favorite hydrangea colors. For instance, grab blue and green to make beautiful blue and white hydrangeas with green leaves. 

For that beautiful petal effect, you’ll also need some frosting piping bags and star tips. You can get away with cutting a corner out of a Ziplock baggie for more plain cupcakes. But for these hydrangea cupcakes, you’ll want to treat yourself to some professional tools.

You can use any cupcake base you want to make your hydrangea cupcakes. You can make some box mix cupcakes or use a go-to homemade cupcake recipe in any flavor. Again, these hydrangea cupcakes are all about the frosting.

Prepare or purchase a batch of frosting that will yield enough to cover how many cupcakes you want to make. 

TikTok – @crateandbarrel

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