A New Survey Suggests That 80% Of American Women Prioritize Feeling Healthy Over Looking Beautiful And Believe Feeling Good On The Inside Will Lead To Feeling More Beautiful On The Outside

According to the survey, the advertisements that are doing the most damage are those promoting more youthful appearances.

For 24% of American women, these ads actually make them wish they were younger. Additionally, 23% claimed these ads make them feel less confident in their physical appearance.

Even Gen Z women, who are between the ages of 12 and 27 years old right now, said that youth-promoting product advertisements pushed them to question their own beauty.

Still, over half of the survey respondents – or 53% – over the age of 60 reported feeling more confident as they get older.

Additionally, 33% of women claimed they feel the most beautiful when they’re kind to others; meanwhile, 26% feel the most beautiful when they are confident in themselves and spend quality time with loved ones.

“The survey results indicate that the beauty and youth ideals promoted on social and traditional media do not align with how women really feel about themselves,” concluded the vice president of marketing for Doctor’s Best, Katie Lucas.

“They feel younger and are optimistic about strengthening themselves and their health from within.”

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