Bob Dylan Traded A Painting He Created For Astrology Readings During The 1960s, And It’s Now Up For Auction, Expected To Rake In Up To $100,000

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In the 1960s, musician Bob Dylan created a painting while recovering from a motorcycle accident that occurred in Woodstock, New York.

The piece is untitled and has been shielded from the public eye for over 50 years. Now, it’s up for sale at an auction and is expected to rake in up to $100,000, according to the listing at RR Auction.

The abstract artwork is filled with bright, vibrant colors and various shapes, such as bull horns, a pair of eyes, bow ties, and musical symbols.

At the top of the canvas, there is a red outline of a man wearing a brimmed hat. Some say that it could be a self-portrait.

While he was recovering from the motorcycle accident, Dylan remained mostly in seclusion. It was during this time that he produced much of his best work, creating successful albums and writing around 100 songs now known as the Basement Tapes. In addition, he was able to get some painting done.

Apparently, Dylan had painted the piece for another resident in Woodstock named Sandy LePanto. In exchange for the painting, she performed astrology readings.

“The old arts community of Woodstock worked on the barter system then, and to a degree still does today; people trading their expertise and creative output, rather than exchanging money,” Anne Margaret Daniel, a historian and literary scholar, said.

Ever since the trade, the artwork has stayed with LePanto’s family. Recently, it was rediscovered at the property of LePanto’s ex-husband, Anthony.

On the back of the canvas, Dylan’s signature can be seen, along with sketches of musical notes. Over the decades, some of the paint has flaked off.

Upsidedowncake – – illustrative purposes only

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