Extraterrestrial Beings May Be Living Underground Or In A Base Inside The Moon, According To A New Harvard University Study

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Are aliens living among us, and we just don’t know it because they’re cleverly disguised as humans? According to a new study from Harvard University, it is a possibility. Their research suggests that extraterrestrial beings may be living underground or in a base inside the moon.

A team of scientists from Harvard and Montana Technological University speculate that sightings of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) may be alien spaceships visiting their friends on Earth, indicating that an advanced alien civilization could be present on our planet.

The authors noted that the idea of intelligent otherworldly beings hiding in plain sight among humans may seem far-fetched to most scientists, but they argue that the theory should be considered thoroughly and met with an open mind.

They investigated a number of theories as to what the aliens could be. In total, there are four theories. The first one is that aliens are human cryptoterrestrials. Long ago, a technologically advanced ancient human civilization was mostly destroyed by flood but continued to exist in remnant form.

The second is that they are hominids or theropod cryptoterrestrials, a technologically advanced non-human civilization consisting of a terrestrial animal of some sort.

They evolved to live underground in stealth. They could be an ape-like hominid or a species more distantly related to us, such as descendants of “unknown, intelligent dinosaurs.”

Third, the scientists proposed the notion of former extraterrestrial or extratempestrial cryptoterrestrials. They would have come to Earth from somewhere else in the cosmos or from the human future and managed to conceal themselves in a secret place, like the moon.

Finally, we have the fourth theory, which has been dubbed CTH 4. It puts forth the idea that there are magical cryptoterrestrials. These entities are like “earthbound angels,” referred to by humans as “fairies, elves, nymphs, etc.”

The new paper feeds into conspiracy theories that the United States government is keeping alien activities a secret from the public. In recent years, some American authorities have even alluded to the existence of non-human intelligence and phenomena.

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