He Admits That He And His Wife Hated Their Wedding And Wished They Eloped Instead

Sergey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Three weeks ago, this man tied the knot with his wife. While he adores his wife and does not regret getting married to her, they both feel awful for caving and going with a traditional wedding.

They wanted to elope, but their families pressured them hard to go the traditional route. His wife’s mom and dad tried to guilt trip his wife by saying she’s their only daughter and can’t deny them the opportunity to watch her get married.

His wife’s parents also told his wife that she would regret not having a special day. Looking back on everything, he believes his wife’s mom and dad were only interested in having their own moment.

“The last year was so full of unnecessary drama, and while each of our parents contributed to paying for the wedding, we still ended up putting a lot up ourselves,” he explained.

“Everything just kept getting more and more expensive. Not that we expected to get a ton in wedding gifts, but the cash gifts we got did not make up for what we paid.”

“Overall it was a year of stress, a bunch of drama over things like who should be in the wedding party/invited to the wedding, and all the wedding drama I always heard about.”

When the day of their wedding rolled around, he and his wife didn’t have fun at all. They both experience small cases of social anxiety, so being the center of attention was hard for them.

That’s really why they wanted to elope in the first place. He says his wedding day was just as terrible as he and his wife anticipated it would be.

Last Thursday, he and his wife returned from their honeymoon, and then over the weekend, they spent time with his wife’s mom and dad for Father’s Day.

Sergey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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