He Called His Girlfriend A Karen For Being Really Rude And Dismissive To An Elderly Woman On Their Flight

Nicola - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re a young person, you know just how insulting it can be to be called a “Karen” in this day and age.

One man recently called his girlfriend a ‘Karen’ after she was very rude to a foreign woman who sat next to them on a recent flight.

He and his girlfriend are in their late 20s and recently traveled home on a seven-hour flight.

They were sat in a row of three seats. He had the window, his girlfriend was in the middle, and an elderly lady who appeared to be from Sri Lanka sat on the aisle. She was traveling all alone and didn’t speak English very well.

Unfortunately, from the moment the old woman sat down, his girlfriend had a problem with her.

First, his girlfriend started complaining about a bad smell on the plane and continued insinuating it was coming from the lady next to her. However, he had a strong feeling that the smell, which came in waves, was coming from the bathroom since they were seated near it.

“Then my girlfriend complained about the lady’s bag touching her only slightly,” he recalled.

“I offered to switch seats with my girlfriend several times, and she said, ‘No, it’s fine.’ Then, the lady got my girlfriend’s attention to try to communicate with her, and my girlfriend was so dismissive, saying loudly, ‘I don’t understand you,’ “and looking at the lady for only a second before going back on her phone. It was extremely rude.”

He tried his best to communicate with the woman but struggled to because of the language barrier. The woman then tried getting help from his girlfriend a few more times, tapping her on the shoulder for innocent things like help with getting her tray table down and opening her water bottle.

Nicola – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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