He Still Can’t Forgive His Ex-Girlfriend For Falling In Love With A New Guy While They Were Still Together, But She Thinks His Feelings Are His Problem

“I have managed to put the shambles that was my self-confidence back together,” he admitted.

“It took me over a year to understand not everyone would leave me. We began talking again a month ago, and everything is going great.”

“But I realized I had not forgiven her for leaving me for someone else. I tried to call her out on it a few days ago, [telling her] that what she did hurt my self-confidence and only deepened my abandonment issues. She seemed to suggest it was my fault for feeling this way, which I understand. But am I crazy, or am I being gaslit to thinking the problem was me?”

Now, he’s unsure what to do, as he doesn’t want to lose his ex as a friend but can’t manage to forgive her.

Is it understandable that he still can’t forgive his ex?

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