He Told His Wife’s Aunt Not To Give Lollipops To His Toddler Because They’re A Choking Hazard, And He Was Treated Like The Bad Guy

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This man and his wife have a 14-month-old daughter together, and just the other day, they went to a family outing with his in-laws.

But, after he walked away for just a moment, he wound up finding his daughter being held by his wife’s aunt, and the toddler had a lollipop in her mouth.

“I’m no expert, as I’m only a first-time dad, but pretty sure hard candies are a no-no at this age,” he said.

So, he quickly looked toward his wife and asked where their daughter got a lollipop. At that point, his wife’s aunt turned around, admitted to giving the candy to his daughter, and asked if there was “something wrong with that.”

The look on his face made it clear that he didn’t approve of this, either. Then, his wife’s aunt took the lollipop away from his daughter.

Given how young his daughter is, this obviously caused her to start crying, too. And rather than understanding his perspective, his wife’s aunt just made him seem like the bad guy – telling his daughter, “Sorry, your Da-Da doesn’t want you to have a treat.”

According to him, his wife’s aunt also made a big scene in front of the rest of his in-laws.

“And it came across that they also thought I was overreacting,” he recalled.

“All I could say at this point was, ‘Sorry, it’s a choking hazard.'”

sosiukin – – illustrative purposes only

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