Her Friend Skipped Her Wedding Since She Failed To Ensure There Were Vegan Food Options For Her - - illustrative purposes only

Fairly recently, this 27-year-old woman got married. She asked her friend to come, and her friend was thrilled to be in attendance along with her partner.

Her friend lives in another country that’s a little less than four hours away by plane. It’s neither affordable nor easy for her friend to travel to where she lives.

Seven months before her wedding day, she asked all of her guests about their dietary preferences. It was then that her friend mentioned she and her partner are vegan.

“Since my dinner included veggie options, I (wrongly) assumed the caterer could also do vegan ones, but when I asked 1.5 months before the wedding, I learned they couldn’t (I should’ve asked earlier. Unfortunately, some things came up and delayed our prep),” she explained.

“I informed my friend, saying I was sorry, initially asking her if she had ideas about what we could do (maybe I was in the wrong there), and then offering to cook something myself or buy something from a supermarket, but the conversation turned quite cold, and the next day she said she decided not to come to the wedding, or to the bachelorette that was happening the following week (even though there was no catering issue there).”

“She said her decision was final, and we could speak after the wedding, as she didn’t want to upset me before the day.”

When a few days went by, she reached out to her friend asking for her to provide more context regarding why she was missing her wedding and bachelorette party.

Her friend revealed that she felt disrespected over there not being any vegan food for her so close to the wedding date.

Her friend pointed out that she gave her tons of notice on her dietary needs, so she was disappointed not to have been accommodated. – – illustrative purposes only

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