Her Husband Asked To Separate On Their 14-Year Anniversary And Admitted To Cheating, Then Got Angry That She Moved On So Quickly After He Left Her

“I suspect something physical happened with the other woman, but I do not have any proof. He had deleted all his flirty texts, Snapchat, etc., so I could not see them. After four weeks of living together again and attending counseling sessions, he decided he no longer wanted to try to save the marriage, and he was leaving. He packed up and left a few hours later. He stayed with a friend, found a new apartment, and signed a one-year lease.”

She was so heartbroken by what happened that she had to take time off work to process everything and attend therapy on her own.

About a month later, she finally began feeling like herself again. Around that time, she went out for drinks with a few coworkers, including a male coworker in his early 40s whom she had met on Zoom a few times.

She had a great time with that coworker, and they decided to start seeing each other. They went from going on dates a few nights a week to forming an “amazing and loving” relationship.

“I’ve stayed in counseling, as it wasn’t easy to process the sudden ending of my long-term marriage at the same time as beginning something new,” she admitted.

“It’s been about 7 months now. My ex-husband eventually decided he wanted to try to save the marriage again, but I declined. He says I’m [wrong] for starting a new relationship so quickly, within six weeks of him leaving. Our relationship was over, as I could no longer trust him, and he had hurt me immensely. I do not want a relationship with someone I cannot trust.”

Should she feel bad for entering a new relationship six weeks after her marriage ended, or is it great that she found someone who made her happy when she did?

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