Her Husband Cheated On Her With His Best Friend And Still Wants This Woman In His Life - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For a little over two decades, this 42-year-old woman has been with her 44-year-old husband, and they have little kids together, all less than 10-years-old.

A couple of months ago, her husband shared some terrible news with her: he’s been having an affair with one of his best friends.

Her husband has known his affair partner for as long as he’s known her. He says the affair went on for close to two years, but she thinks there had to have been some emotional cheating for longer than her husband is owning up to.

“His plan initially was to leave our marriage. After confessing the details of the affair to me, he also shared everything with his parents/close friends, even his colleagues at work,” she explained.

“He had made plans to leave, going as far as signing a lease for a place, furnishing it, and paying upfront a year’s worth of rent (money he was able to have access to by remortgaging our home). He was fully set on starting a new life.”

“I urged him to stay and give our marriage a chance to be saved, I felt we owed our relationship of over two decades that chance. It took a lot of work convincing him but he ended up deciding to stay. And in the end, it was his decision to stay, and since making this decision, he has said over and over that he is exactly where he wants to be -with his family.”

After her husband chose to remain in their marriage, he stopped all contact with his affair partner, but he has not deleted her number from his phone.

Her husband also still follows his affair partner on social media, so those appeared to be red flags to her. However, she was happy he stopped talking to this woman completely.

She and her husband have been going to marriage counseling, and in their sessions, her husband has been entirely open and honest. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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