Her Mother-In-Law Thinks It’s A Wife’s Duty To Have Kids And She’s Ruining Her Husband’s Life By Being Child-Free

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This 32-year-old woman and her husband have been married for five years now, and from the start of their relationship, they both agreed that they didn’t want kids.

“We both enjoy our careers, love to travel, and relish the freedom that comes with not having kids,” she said.

Her in-laws, on the other hand, are super traditional and believe having children is crucial for maintaining a happy marriage.

So, ever since she and her husband tied the knot, her in-laws have been dropping tons of hints about grandchildren, and it’s really starting to bother her.

For instance, at every single family gathering, the topic of discussion somehow always turns to when she and her husband are going to start a family.

They’ve tried to explain their decision to remain child-free to her in-laws multiple times, too. Yet, her in-laws never get it.

Just last month, her in-laws finally pushed her over the edge, too. It all began when she attended her sister-in-law’s wedding, and during the reception, her mother-in-law actually cornered her. Then, her mother-in-law claimed she was being selfish by not giving them grandchildren!

“She accused me of ‘ruining her son’s life’ and said that it was my duty as a wife to bear children,” she recalled.

“I was shocked and hurt by her words, but I stood my ground and reiterated that my husband and I had made this decision together.”

Samantha’s Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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