He’s Feeling Guilty Over How He Got Revenge On The Parents Of His Daughter’s Bully, Since They’re Now Facing Foreclosure

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It’s upsetting to say that this 39-year-old man has a 12-year-old daughter who has been getting bullied badly at school.

His daughter has Asperger’s and a slight stutter, but he wants her to live normally like the rest of the kids her own age.

His daughter is struggling with depression from being constantly harassed by bullies in her school, and one girl in particular is ruthless.

Although his daughter is currently on summer vacation, she sadly was a complete wreck throughout this past school year over what her bullies did.

These kids would lock her out of classrooms or trap her inside the bathroom. They even told her they would give her money to make her disappear.

While he did go to the school to request help, they did absolutely nothing to solve the problem, so he took matters into his own hands.

He found the mom of his daughter’s biggest bully on social media and sent her an extremely civil note requesting that she ask her daughter to leave his daughter alone.

He got a nasty response from this mom defending her daughter and saying she’s not a bully at all.

After doing some more sleuthing on social media, he found out that this mom has a boyfriend who lives with her, and when he saw his name, he recognized him.

steheap – – illustrative purposes only

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