He’s Questioning His Wife’s Judgment After She Took A Four Hour Long Car Ride With A Strange Man

Alberto GV PHOTOGRAP - - illustrative purposes only

This 39-year-old man is losing his mind over what his 32-year-old wife recently did. Right now, his wife is away on a work trip, and she happened to miss her connecting flight to where she is.

After his wife missed that second flight, the airline placed her on standby for another flight, and his wife had to wait three hours to see if she would be able to board the plane.

His wife realized it would only take her four hours to drive to the city she needed to be in, so she chose not to wait around for the standby flight in the event they didn’t have room for her.

She decided to see if she could get a rental car, but unfortunately, nothing was available. While she was still standing at the airline counter, a man in her exact situation mentioned he was going to drive to their intended destination.

His wife instantly asked this man, whom she did not know, if she would be able to catch a ride with him.

The stranger agreed to let her ride with him, so off they went, and she spent the next four hours in a car with this man.

“She acts like this is no big deal,” he explained. “She texted me after she was already in the car with him and said that she was debating not even telling me.”

“Am I insane, or is this incredibly reckless behavior? Let me be clear: she had no clue who this person was.”

“Just someone was on her initial flight from our home city who also happened to be going to her final destination, and they both missed the connection. This is really causing me to question her judgment. Could really use some perspective here.”

Alberto GV PHOTOGRAP – – illustrative purposes only

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