His Fiancée Lost Her Engagement Ring During A Hike, So Now She Wants Him To Buy A New Ring Of The Same Value And Propose All Over Again To “Recreate” The Moment

Nicole - - illustrative purposes only

About six months ago, this 29-year-old man proposed to his fiancée, who is 28, with a gorgeous engagement ring that he’d saved up for over a year to splurge on.

“She was thrilled, and we’ve been happily planning our wedding since then,” he said.

However, just last weekend, they took a trip to the mountains together for a getaway and went hiking. And while on one of their hikes, his fiancée realized that she’d lost her engagement ring.

Obviously, she was heartbroken, and he and his fiancée spent hours trying to retrace their steps. Unfortunately, though, they simply could not find the ring.

So, they returned home without it, and when they got back, his fiancée asked if he could both buy her a new ring and propose to her all over again in order to “recreate the special moment.”

But while he understood that she was upset, he claimed that purchasing an engagement ring of the same value would be really tough for him to afford right now.

“I suggested that we could either wait until I could afford a similar ring or get a more modest ring for now and upgrade it in the future,” he recalled.

Still, his fiancée was upset with that idea and said that it just wouldn’t “feel the same” wearing a different ring. Plus, she believed that the “magic” of his proposal had been lost.

So, she kept insisting that he recreate the moment he proposed just as he had done it before.

Nicole – – illustrative purposes only

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