His Late Wife Died 20 Years Ago So He Wants To Remarry And Move On With His Life, But His Adult Children Told Him That He Needed To Choose Between Them Or His Fiancée

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When you lose one of your parents too early in life, it can be hard to watch your other parent fall in love with someone else afterward. However, you have to consider your parent’s happiness in the end.

One man is unsure what to do after his adult children have practically ghosted him after he announced he was getting married again after their mom, his first wife, died 20 years ago.

He’s 60 and has two children who are in their mid-20s. When his kids were very young, his wife tragically died of cancer, and it shook their entire family.

“I put my feelings aside and put all my focus and drive into my children,” he explained.

“Fifteen years later, both of my kids were in college and adults. They were independent, and I felt it was high time I found happiness again. I re-entered the dating scene, and that’s when I met my fiancée. Five years later, we got engaged.”

His fiancée is 55 years old and has been nothing but gracious and kind toward his kids. She hasn’t tried to take over as their “replacement mom” and has been respectful of their boundaries.

Unfortunately, his kids don’t respect his fiancée at all. Any time they spent with her, they were rude, cold, and ignored her.

Three years after he started dating his fiancée, she moved in with him, which he figured was fine because his kids had their own places. Now that he’s engaged to her, things have gotten worse.

“They accused me of never loving their mother or loving them for that matter, which isn’t true,” he said.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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