His Wife Thinks He’s Spoiling Their Daughter Since He Bought Her A Mercedes, Gifted Her A Trip To Italy, And Gives Her $8,000 A Month As An Allowance

Nejron Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 45-year-old man and his 40-year-old wife, Linda, have one daughter together named Sarah, who is 20-years-old. And since Sarah is his only child, he always wants to give her the best of the best.

More recently, though, his wife Linda has started to accuse him of “overdoing it” and spoiling their daughter, and it’s causing some major tension in their marriage.

For some context, he believes that Sarah has always been a great kid – calling her smart, driven, and kind. That’s why, once she turned 17, he decided to buy her a new car.

He didn’t just buy her any old car, either. Rather, he actually purchased Sarah a Mercedes G-Wagon.

“Yes, it was extravagant, but she’d worked so hard in school, and I wanted to reward her,” he recalled.

“Linda thought it was too much, but I brushed off her concerns, thinking she was just being overly cautious.”

Nowadays, Sarah has since gone away to college, and she is still doing well in school. So, for her summer break, he actually decided to surprise her with a paid trip to Italy.

But, while his daughter was obviously ecstatic, his wife was furious with him. Linda even sat him down and claimed that Sarah was becoming spoiled since he kept giving their daughter anything she wanted.

“In addition to the car and the trip, I also give Sarah an $8,000 allowance every month. Linda believes we should start cutting back and let Sarah learn the value of money and hard work,” he explained.

Nejron Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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