How To Style Your Basic White Tank Top For Summer

Ihor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are a lot of basic articles of clothing that can take your outfits a long way. One piece of clothing that was previously underrated but has now been the center of many fun summer outfits is the white tank top.

When some people think of plain white tank tops, they may think of big, burly Tony Soprano-esque characters walking around in them with gold chains around their necks.

However, there are many different ways to wear white tank tops, and they’ve become a lot more fashionable in the last few years. If you have a white tank top sitting in your dresser drawer that you haven’t worn out and about yet, here are some styling ideas for you.

With jeans and cowgirl boots

To look like a cool Western chick, pair your white tank top with some great denim jeans and cowgirl boots in any color. This classic outfit idea is perfect for a night at your favorite dive bar or just a walk down the block. Add a snazzy belt for some flair, and you’ll be saying “yeehaw” in no time.

With a mini skirt and heels

While white tank tops tend to be associated with super casual outfits, you can easily dress them up for a fun night out. To glamorize your white tank top and channel some Y2K clubbing outfits, pair it with a cute and colorful mini skirt, some heels, and a fun bag.

With a blazer and trousers

‘Corpcore’ is a trending aesthetic right now, as people are trying to bring some workplace clothing into their everyday streetwear wardrobes.

Ihor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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