She Called Out Her Friend’s Rich Fiancé For Making Her Friend Pay Her Own Way At Restaurants She Can’t Afford To Eat At

Anna Petrow - - illustrative purposes only

This woman has a 29-year-old friend who is engaged to a 30-year-old man. Her friend has been with her fiancé for the last three years, and they equally share in paying for their expenses.

Her friend works as a teacher at an elementary school, and she says she gets paid “poverty wages.” Meanwhile, her friend’s fiancé is a software engineer, and he takes home seven times the amount of money her friend makes.

“He has expensive tastes and always prefers to eat out at fine dining establishments,” she explained.

“She cannot afford to split the bill, so she will eat McDonald’s or snacks beforehand and then only order a side salad or soup.”

“Or she will just order a side salad and go hungry because she can’t afford anything else, but he insists on expensive restaurants.”

It’s sad and distressing that her friend’s fiancé is oblivious to this, but what makes it even worse is that her friend’s fiancé makes fun of her friend for only ever eating salads.

Recently, she was at a party with the couple when her friend’s fiancé said in front of a bunch of their friends that women constantly eat salad to watch their waistlines.

She wasn’t cool with him making fun of her friend in such a backhanded and public way, so she finally stood up for her friend.

“I commented that my friend doesn’t eat because she can’t afford his expensive restaurant tastes, as a woman in poverty, and it’s his fault she goes without,” she said.

Anna Petrow – – illustrative purposes only

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