She Caught Her Dad Cheating On Her Mom When She Came Home From School Early

nyul - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Finding out that one of your parents has been cheating on the other can be devastating. It’s especially hard if no one else in the family knows, but you, and you’re left wondering what to do.

One teenager is extremely stressed after she caught her dad cheating on her mom one day and doesn’t know if she should tell anyone.

She’s 16 and lives with her parents and twin 18-year-old brothers.

She’s always had a closer relationship with her dad, as her mom has always favored her brothers over her, and her mom can be quite mean. For instance, her mom is always making jabs at her appearance, which led to her developing an eating disorder.

Although she loves her dad and feels close to him, something she discovered recently has changed everything.

“I came home from school yesterday early, and I thought I would be alone, but I heard my dad and someone upstairs, which made me freak out,” she recalled.

“I went and hid in my room with headphones on because I didn’t want to go upstairs and walk in on them. When the other woman left, I tried to see who it was, but I missed [her]. A while later, my dad came in asking how long I had been home, and I lied and said I got back only a couple minutes ago.”

This discovery has devastated her, as she always thought her dad was a good guy, but this incident has made her feel otherwise. Now, she finds herself in a very difficult position.

When she told a friend what she saw, they encouraged her to tell her brothers and mom. However, she doesn’t want to tell her brothers because she doesn’t want to ruin their relationship with their dad.

nyul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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