She Doesn’t Like That Her Girlfriend Fake Flirts With Guys At The Bar Just To Get Free Drinks

“I trust her completely,” she clarified, “I know that she would never cross any boundaries, but frankly, I just don’t like the idea of my girlfriend flirting, real or fake, with anyone.”

That’s why she said that her girlfriend wasn’t doing anything wrong. She just would rather not hear about the “fake flirting.”

But, ever since their conversation, she and her girlfriend have been stuck in a “stalemate.”

“She says she doesn’t like any options. Either she doesn’t tell me, which she feels is being secretive, or she stops fake flirting or doesn’t go out, etc.,” she vented.

And now, this has left her wondering if getting upset that her girlfriend fake flirts with guys to get free drinks is really so crazy or not.

How would you feel if your partner flirted with other people to get free drinks? Does she have a right to be uncomfortable or not? What should she do?

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