She Doesn’t Want Her Sister-In-Law To Stay Over Ever Again Because Her House Gets Trashed By Her Sister-In-Law’s Kids Every Time, And Her Sister-In-Law Doesn’t Lift A Finger

Once Mike’s entertainment wore off, Lisa’s kids ran wild again.

“Lisa paid zero attention to her kids [while] they were running wild, pulling cushions off the sofa, throwing food around, and leaving a trail of destruction, she recalled.

“I found her youngest smearing peanut butter on the curtains, and when I pointed it out to Lisa, she just shrugged and said, ‘Kids will be kids.‘”

” The breaking point was when Lisa yelled at my 6-year-old for ‘not being able to speak properly during a game, which brought him to tears. Mike finally lost it and told her to help me in the kitchen.”

Lisa commented about not having to help because she was a guest while she and Mike were the hosts, which made her blood boil.

By the end of the terrible visit, Lisa’s kids had done so much damage to their apartment. The walls had been vandalized, their carpet was covered in spilled juice, and one of her lamps was broken.

Instead of apologizing, Lisa told her she should’ve put the lamp away if she didn’t want it to get broken.

“The minute they left, Mike and I knew this couldn’t happen again, she added.

“We spent the whole day cleaning and fixing things, and I could see how upset Mike was. He promised me that Lisa and her kids would never stay with us again, and honestly, I’m holding him to it.”

Should she feel bad for refusing to allow Lisa and her kids back into her home, or are her feelings valid?

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