She Drunkenly Slept With Her Ex-Husband And Said It Was A Mistake The Next Morning, So He’s Been Accusing Her Of Using Him

undrey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman and her ex-husband, who is 31, were married for nearly eight years. But, when she was pregnant with their youngest son – who is currently 6 months old – they separated.

She was the one who initiated the separation and broke up with her ex-husband since he had been abusing substances, was abusive toward her, and was very controlling.

Since then, her husband has gotten sober, and they still interact regularly since they co-parent their two sons. Nonetheless, she claimed that she would never get back together with him.

“We broke up several times throughout the years for these issues, and I ultimately decided I didn’t want our kids to grow up witnessing all of that,” she explained.

“Admittedly, I didn’t even want kids, but that’s a whole other thing, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them now.”

As for her ex-husband, she believes they do “fine” co-parenting most of the time. And a few months ago, things were actually really great between them.

Apparently, she’d been going through some personal issues, and her ex was surprisingly there for her – helping her and supporting her through everything.

“Which was unlike him but nice in the moment,” she recalled.

Then, one evening, she wound up getting drunk for the first time in years while her children were with her parents. That same night, her ex-husband was texting her and being super sweet.

undrey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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