She Left An Alabama Gas Station Alone After Getting Into An Argument With A Friend In 2005 And Was Never Seen Or Heard From Again

Facebook - pictured above is Sherry

By the time Sherry Ann Milton of Alabama was 26 years old in 2005, she was an office manager for A&B Electric in Tuscaloosa and had a child with her ex-husband, Michael.

The pair had tied the knot in 1995 before welcoming their son, David, into the world. Then, according to Michael, he and Sherry went through an amicable divorce in 2003.

According to both Michael and her son, David, Sherry was a wonderful mom. She helped coach David’s baseball team, and he fondly remembers his mom taking him out with his friends.

“She was sweet. She did a lot for me,” he said.

So, when Sherry mysteriously disappeared on August 14, 2005, none of her loved ones believed she would just abandon her son.

That day, she went out with some friends to Birmingham. Then, while driving home in the early morning hours, Sherry and a friend stopped at an Exxon gas station in Ensley, Alabama, located off Exit 121 from Interstate 20/59.

Sherry’s friend reportedly told police that, after going inside to buy the matches, she walked back out, and both Sherry and Sherry’s vehicle were nowhere to be found.

But, according to witnesses at the gas station, Sherry and her friend had gotten into a heated argument. Then, Sherry’s friend reportedly refused to get back into the car and called her husband to pick her up.

Sherry then left the gas station alone in her car at 2:00 a.m. Afterward, she reportedly tried calling her boyfriend, David, 10 different times from 2:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. He did not answer, though, since he was asleep, and Sherry left numerous voicemails on his cell.

Facebook – pictured above is Sherry

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