She Let Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom Into Her Book Club, And It Started A Ton Of Drama Because Her Ex’s Fiancée Now Feels Dumb

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Have you ever been in a serious relationship with someone, became really close with their parents, and didn’t know whether or not you should stay in touch with them after you broke up?

One woman recently upset her ex-boyfriend after she invited his mom to join her book club.

She’s 28 and dated her ex-boyfriend, Jim, for about a year. Although she and Jim don’t speak much anymore, she stays in touch with his parents, especially his mom, Amy.

For a little while now, she’s been running a small book club for herself and a few friends.

“We gather in my home library and talk about books on witches or historical fiction,” she explained.

“We also talked about gardening and old folk tales, and I consider it a very fulfilling hobby. Amy asked me last month if she could join my book club. I said yes, and I didn’t think Jim would mind; it wasn’t his business. Amy then joined one session and gushed about it to her husband, who mentioned it to Jim.”

This is where she started having some issues.

Jim is currently engaged to a 30-year-old woman named Beatrice, a woman he had begun talking to towards the end of their relationship. Jim’s parents don’t like Beatrice nearly as much as they like her, so when Amy joined her book club, she started talking about her non-stop.

Jim called her and told her about how, at a recent family dinner, his mom kept interrupting Beatrice and talking about the book club and how well she was doing.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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