She Thought She Lived Alone, But Then She Realized A Man Was Living Behind A Trap Door In Her Apartment

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When Amber Dawn was 20 years old, she moved to a small farming town called Enumclaw in Washington so she could be closer to her brother and his family. She lived alone in a one-bedroom apartment located at the base of Mount Rainier. Or at least, she thought she lived alone.

During her first night there, she heard what sounded like footsteps in the attic. She brushed it off, chalking it up to nerves over being in an unfamiliar place. She noticed that there was a trap door in the ceiling that led to the attic. However, she never stepped foot in it.

Amber worked three jobs to stay afloat, so she wasn’t home often. But over the next few months, she started to notice some strange activity happening in her apartment.

For one, certain items would go missing. She would buy a six-pack of soda only to come home and find four cans left. It was the same with cans of soup and packets of ramen noodles.

She blamed the missing food on her brother since he lived three blocks away and had a spare key to her place, although looking back, it was clear he wasn’t the culprit—otherwise, there would’ve been dirty dishes lying around.

One day, her apartment flooded. She had just gotten a German Shepherd puppy, which she kept in the bathroom while potty training. When she returned home, the puppy was in the sink. She had no idea how the puppy could’ve reached the sink without the help of someone else. Again, Amber told herself that nothing was going on.

Then, for the first time in six months, Amber took a day off work due to sickness and laid on the couch all day. At nighttime, she drew a bath. As she was soaking in the tub, she saw that the trap door to the attic was ajar.

That’s when it dawned on her: someone was living in her apartment with her. She assumed the person was a man because they had to be tall enough to access the trap door without a ladder.

“My first thought was, if they had wanted me dead, I would be dead. They had access to me for six months,” Amber wrote in an article for The Guardian.

fotogenix – – illustrative purposes only

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