She Told Her In-Laws That Her Husband Cheated On Her And Got Another Woman Pregnant

“The next morning, I called into work and got some time off. I took the kids and went to my father’s house. I told him everything and he was upset.”

“My husband went home and didn’t meet me there. He kept blowing up my phone, but I blocked him. This afternoon, his parents showed up at my father’s home, begging me to go back home and end the ‘petty’ disagreement.”

That’s when she realized that her in-laws were unaware of what actually happened between her and her husband.

When she heard that he had described their issues as ‘petty,’ she became furious and told his parents he was a cheater with a baby on the way.

Her in-laws were shocked and asked her to elaborate, so she did, telling them everything about her son’s infidelity and future child.

“His mother is visibly upset, and his father told me not to worry and that he would handle everything,” she added.

“Since then, my husband has been using several numbers to contact me. He said I was wrong to tell his parents.”

Was she wrong to tell her in-laws about what her husband did, or was it the right thing to do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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