She Wants To Divorce Her Stingy Husband

Xavier Lorenzo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Some women marry men who seem to be okay with the idea of them working and not fulfilling the typical housewife role initially but eventually get angry about it later.

One woman is considering divorcing her husband after he expected her to fulfill traditional housewife roles even though he’s extremely stingy and won’t act like a reasonable “breadwinner.”

She and her husband are in their mid-20s and have been together for three years. They got married six months ago, and married life isn’t what she hoped it would be.

They’re from a foreign country, and she’s not legally supposed to work in her country, but for a while, she tried freelancing. She took a break from working to plan her wedding, and she hoped to start freelancing again once she and her husband were married and living together. However, that wasn’t the case.

“[My husband] almost never helps out with household chores or anything, so I end up spending hours each day doing [them],” she explained.

“I almost never have time to focus on my work. Despite making it abundantly clear that I had no intention of ever becoming a ‘housewife,’ it seemed like I unintentionally found myself in the role. The issue is that he expected me to do all the ‘homemaker’ duties without fulfilling any of his ‘breadwinner’ responsibilities.”

Her husband expects her to take on all kinds of homemaker responsibilities but hardly gives her anything to work with.

For instance, he gives her grief any time she asks for money for personal items but treats himself to shopping sprees. She’s tried creating a reasonable grocery budget to cook the meals he wants, but he always tells her it’s too much, forcing her to buy cheaper foods neither of them want to eat.

“He also doesn’t support me emotionally, mentally, or professionally, and constantly minimizes what I do despite the fact he knows I’m on the road to success, she said.

Xavier Lorenzo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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