She’s Moving To Another State With Her New Husband And Leaving Her Adult Daughters Behind, So They Called Her Selfish And Threatened Not To Speak To Her Anymore

artmim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Immediately following birth, children and their parents are inherently connected up until at least the age of 18 and for many, even years afterward.

But, while countless parents dread the day they’ll become “empty nesters,” there also comes a time when it’s only natural for adult children to leave home and move on with their own lives.

However, if you have adult kids who continue leaning on you well into your later years, how do you handle the situation and cope with the potential fallout?

That’s the situation this woman finds herself in. She was previously single for 12 years before meeting and marrying her current husband. She also has two adult daughters.

So, during her single period, her 30-year-old daughter and her daughter’s son – her grandson – lived in her home. At the same time, she provided about 80% of the support for their lifestyles, and she’s now sick of it.

“She has taken advantage of me and my time, assuming I would babysit and help raise my grandson,” she revealed.

Since she and her husband are recently married, she no longer wants to continue with this living situation, either. That’s why she actually helped her daughter find a new place to live. Then, she moved her daughter out and paid for it.

Afterward, she decided to put her house on the market and sell it since the home was just too big for the size of her family now.

“And my husband and I are moving to another state, about an 11-hour drive away,” she said.

artmim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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