Soaring Temperatures In Mexico Are Causing Howler Monkeys To Die From Dehydration And Heat Stroke, With At Least 138 Already Found Dead In Just Over Two Weeks

When some of the monkeys were brought to veterinarian clinics, their body temperatures were found to be as high as 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

A veterinarian based in Tecolutilla, Tabasco, named Sergio Valenzuela, reported that the monkeys he treated were as “limp as rags.” He put them on intravenous drips with electrolytes and iced their hands and feet to cool them down. Some of the monkeys seem to be on the road to recovery.

There are multiple kinds of howler monkeys living in Mexico, including mantled howlers, Yucatán black howlers, and Mexican howlers. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists all three of them as vulnerable.

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