A Guide To Dry Brushing For Exfoliation, Lymphatic Drainage, And Detoxing Your Body

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There are so many beauty trends out there that may seem unconventional, but they actually come with major benefits. Dry brushing is one of them.

If you don’t know what dry brushing is, you may feel a little when you see someone doing it for the first time.

Dry brushing is a technique first originated by the Ayurvedics and involves brushing your skin with a natural fiber brush.

If you’ve ever seen influencers on TikTok using a handheld brush that looks like it could be used to groom horses and brush all around their dry skin, then they’re dry brushing.

This process may look uncomfortable, and it’s easy to get confused about why anyone would want to do it. However, dry brushing has many benefits for our skin and things inside our bodies.

Many people turn to dry brushing because it is a great technique for exfoliating skin. After consistent, dry brushing, you’ll likely be left with soft, smooth skin.

Interestingly, dry brushing also acts as a form of lymphatic drainage massage, which has recently been trending with the popularity of Gua Shas.

Lymphatic drainage massages help your circulatory system by getting your blood moving throughout your body, improving your skin’s appearance.

It is believed dry brushing can also help detox your body as well. Your lymphatic system is being massaged, cleaning out any excess toxins, bacteria, or fluid in your body.

FotoHelin – – illustrative purposes only

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