Friend Group Fallout Can Be Sudden And Terrifying: Here’s How To Cope With The Changing Dynamic

Bostan Natalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a person is losing their best friend. Experiencing a friend break up is just as, if not more, painful than a relationship break up.

However, there may be one thing that some would argue is more painful than both breakups: losing an entire group of friends.

I’m someone who has been extremely lucky for the last 10+ years, as I have an amazing group of girlfriends who have stood by my side as we’ve evolved into adults.

However, over time, I lost a few friends, whether we naturally drifted apart or something irreversible happened. I’ve also met people who have lost entire friend groups. Sometimes, it was because of something in their control, but often, it was because they naturally drifted apart.

If you’re someone who spent most of their adolescent life in a friend group, suddenly not having one can be a drastic and scary change.

If you recently found yourself straying from a friend group you have been in for years or feel that your go-to friend group is beginning to dwindle, here are some tips for coping with it.

Hold onto the friends that stick around

Just because a few people in your friend group have tapped out doesn’t mean everyone has. While it can be scary to no longer hang out with a group of friends, the few people who stayed in touch with you separately did so for a reason.

When your friend group dissolves, you must hang on to the people who want to stay in your life. Don’t close the door on them just because the group you used to hang out in doesn’t get together anymore.

Bostan Natalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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