He Dumped His Girlfriend After Finding Out She Was The Mistress Of A Married Man Before He Met Her

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Four years ago, this 41-year-old man began dating his 38-year-old girlfriend. While he thinks his girlfriend is an amazing woman and he loves her, he recently uncovered a dark secret from her past that ruined his opinion of her.

He no longer feels that his girlfriend is a wonderful person, and what she did was so immoral in his book that it shattered his trust in her.

It all started with a friend request he got on social media from a guy who clearly was in his girlfriend’s social circle.

Now, he never accepts friend requests from people he doesn’t know in real life. He decided to ask his girlfriend who this guy was and why he was sending him a friend request.

His girlfriend hesitated before mentioning this guy is part of her friend group and they no longer hang out since he moved away.

He didn’t press further, but the whole thing seemed suspicious to him. Two weeks passed before he brought up the guy again in conversation, as he couldn’t get over that things were off about the guy.

It was then his girlfriend admitted to him that she was this married man’s mistress up until a year before he met his girlfriend.

“She has no regret or remorse because she did not know the other woman, and they had no kids together at the time,” she explained.

“The affair never got out, she’s not a homewrecker on the strict definition of the term. The other couple is still together as of today and they are not in an open relationship. Out of curiosity, I checked out the guy’s profile, which is public, and I see that she comments on every picture he posts, even the family pictures with kids and wife.”

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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