He Secretly Let His Family Meet His Newborn Baby Behind His Wife’s Back After She Allowed Her Own Family To Come Over, But Not His

Although he was disappointed, he respected her wishes and delayed his parents’ visit with their son.

Then, shockingly, he returned home from work a few days later and found his wife’s entire family sitting in their living room, passing their son around.

“I thought this meant she was finally ready for my family to see my son too, so I texted them and told them they could visit, and they were very happy,” he recalled.

“I told Mary she didn’t need to worry about hosting since I would host. She became enraged that I had ‘the nerve’ to invite [my family] without her permission, but I was angry too since it had been two months, and my family hadn’t even seen my kid.”

Following a big argument with Mary, he texted his parents and canceled their visit. His dad responded and sarcastically asked if they’d have to wait until his son was 18 to meet him.

His dad’s response made him realize just how ridiculous the situation was, and he recently decided to take their son to his parent’s house without Mary’s permission.

He told Mary he’d simply be taking their son to the store but ended up staying at his parent’s house with them and his siblings until after dinner, so he knew she’d be furious when he got home.

“She yelled, saying I had no right to take our kid with me without her permission,” he said.

“I just ignored her, fed my son, put him to bed, and slept in the spare room. Now, her family is harassing me and calling me all sorts of names for hurting their daughter.”

Was he wrong to take his son to meet his family without telling Mary beforehand, or were his actions valid?

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