Her Fiancé’s Ex Wanted Him To Sing Love Songs At Her Wedding And Freaked Out On Him When He Tried To Say No

Ivan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It can be a bit uncomfortable when your partner stays friends with someone they were in a relationship with, no matter how serious or casual it was.

In those situations, there are certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.

One woman is shocked after her fiancé’s ex invited him to her wedding to a new guy and asked him to perform love songs all day.

Before her fiancé, Derek met her, he was in a casual relationship with a woman who turned out to be a lot more attached to him than he was to her.

When Derek met her, he broke up with his casual girlfriend, explaining that he found the love of his life. Since they agreed to keep things non-committal, he figured it would be fine, but his ex threw a temper tantrum and accused him of breaking her heart.

Derek’s ex confessed that she loved him, but it was a little too late, and he wasn’t interested.

Derek’s ex-girlfriend harassed him with texts and calls before finally going silent for around three weeks. In that time, she met a rebound named Andy, and now they’re getting married this summer.

“While it is none of my business, I feel so bad for Andy, as he was obviously [her] plan B,” she said.

“Now Derek is invited [with a] plus one, which is me. He is a somewhat popular musician in our area, and last week, not even two months before the wedding, his ex texted him and asked him to do the music for the wedding.”

Ivan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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