Her Fiancé’s Ex Wanted Him To Sing Love Songs At Her Wedding And Freaked Out On Him When He Tried To Say No

She felt it was extremely tacky of this woman to invite her ex as a guest to her wedding and then expect him to take on a role that would prevent him from enjoying the wedding as a guest at the last minute.

In order for Derek to be his ex’s designated wedding musician, he’d have to go through a ton of preparation and felt it was strange that his ex wanted him to take on that role.

“He called her in [front of] me, and she had the audacity to absolutely [nag] at him, asking why he had a problem doing it,” she recalled.

“Derek could hear Andy sitting next to her, and since he is a genuinely nice human, he just told her he hasn’t picked up an instrument in a long time because he was so busy at work.”

Derek’s ex continued to complain and put him down for refusing to be her wedding musician, and she was appalled by her behavior.

Do you think she and Derek should bother going to the wedding?

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