Here Are Some Of The Happiest Dog Breeds That Will Show You Both Love And A Good Time

Tanya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

There are so many reasons why having a pet dog is like a blessing. They often give unconditional love, are super cute and cuddly, and they also spread a lot of joy.

While there are many dogs out there who can get a bit grumpy and moody, there are so many more who are just the happiest go-lucky pups.

I have a Chihuahua mix who is one of the happiest dogs I’ve met, and my day is always made when his upbeat personality and adorable, happy mannerisms make other people smile in parks or on the street.

Having a happy dog is such a fun experience, as they can often cheer up any person in the room and inspire us to have a little more pep in our step.

If you’re looking for a dog that will not only show you a lot of love but will also show you a good time, here is a list of some of the happiest dog breeds.

Golden Retrievers

There is nothing like being greeted by a glorious, happy Golden Retrievers. These dogs are not only incredibly loyal and dedicated to their owners, but they also enjoy greeting and socializing with people.

If you want a dog that will likely make a good impression everywhere you go, these lovely pups are the way to go.


Tanya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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