His Ex-Girlfriend Slept With His Friend After Dumping Him, But Now She Wants To Start Dating Again

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About eight months ago, this 42-year-old man’s 37-year-old girlfriend left him after they dated for quite some time.

She wouldn’t discuss her reasons for breaking up with him, which made the ending even more difficult.

He was upset and sad as he pictured spending his life with her. While he didn’t have closure, he still did his best to deal with the breakup in the healthiest way possible.

He spent time with his loved ones, went to the gym, started therapy, and learned some new skills.

He’s just enjoying things, and he hasn’t attempted to go on any dates or meet new women in light of his ex-girlfriend exiting his life.

One of the most successful ways he coped with the breakup was by talking it through with his 40-year-old close friend.

His friend knows his now ex-girlfriend, but they weren’t friendly. Every few weeks, he and his friend would grab dinner and talk late into the night about his failed relationship.

“I felt like he really cared, and he would ask good questions,” he explained. “It felt like he was really trying to understand me and the relationship and maybe where it went wrong.”

His friend gave him excellent advice and truly helped him to feel better about the situation. Three weeks ago, his ex reached out after not speaking to him at all for the last four months.

PhotoBook – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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