His Girlfriend Asked Him To Lie About His Career In Graphic Design And Pretend To Be A Lawyer Just To Impress Her Parents

elnariz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever felt like you’ve had to lie about what you do for a living because you felt like it wasn’t conventional enough for some people?

One man recently upset his girlfriend because he refused to lie to her successful parents about what he does for a living.

He’s 28 and has been dating his 26-year-old girlfriend, Sarah, for about a year. For the most part, they’ve had a great relationship, and he’s very happy with her.

However, Sarah recently asked him to do something that made him very uncomfortable.

In a few days, he’s going to meet Sarah’s parents for the first time, and she asked him if he would lie about what he does for a living when he meets them.

He’s a graphic designer who gets to work on exciting and creative projects for various clients.

“Sarah thinks that her parents will look down on my job because it’s not as high-paying or prestigious as some other professions,” he explained.

“Sarah comes from a family of professionals as her father is a lawyer and her mother is a doctor. She’s worried they won’t take me seriously or approve of our relationship if they know what I really do.”

Sarah had a plan in place and asked him if he would pretend to be a lawyer when he met his parents. She even took time to coach him on some legal phrases and came up with a background story he could tell her parents to make the lie seem more convincing.

elnariz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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