His Wife Asked For A Separation After Admitting She’s No Longer In Love With Him, But Now She Wants Him Back

Members of his community additionally informed him that his wife was having an affair with one of her male coworkers.

His wife has been polite to him, but not a part of his life. Two weeks ago, he went to his wife’s home as one of their children had a sleepover birthday party.

When he walked into her home, he was shocked by her photo wall, which contained pictures of their kids, some of her friends, and her male coworker she was having an affair with.

He questioned his wife about where they stood, but she didn’t respond to him. He then asked his wife why they were still doing certain things together, like the birthday party, if she didn’t want to try to fix things.

He finally blurted out that he wanted to get a divorce, as the not knowing is killing him slowly. His wife stated that if he files for divorce, she will ensure she gets full custody of their kids.

Even if they did win split custody, his kids would still have to take an hour-long ride to school from his wife’s house, which is inconvenient for them.

“I went home feeling sick and stuck,” he said. “Last week during the holidays, me and the kids went for a day trip with a single mom and her kids.”

“It was just platonic, and it was a great day. My wife was home when we got home, and my kids told her about the whole day.”

Over the course of the last week, his wife has been telling him she loves him, which she hasn’t said to him in well over a year.

Perhaps she felt jealous over his outing with the single mom, and that made her change her tune, but he’s not certain about this.

He hasn’t said that he loves his wife back since he’s confused about their entire relationship. His wife has brought up their future, and even suggested that she move home to be with him and the kids.

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