She Dumped Her Boyfriend After He Proposed To Her At A Beautiful Restaurant And Secretly Invited Her Mom

“A month or so ago, we talked about marriage; I said I was ready if he was. And he was,” she explained.

“When he proposed he did it at a pretty restaurant, I was about to say yes until I saw my mom hiding behind the plants and then slowly walking up to me. Immediately, I said no and ran away.”

Her boyfriend rushed after her and demanded to know why she turned down his proposal. She told her boyfriend she couldn’t believe he invited her mom to such a special day because it truly ruined the moment.

Her boyfriend countered that her family will forever be her family whether she likes that or not. She dumped him right then and there and walked away.

Since rejecting her now ex-boyfriend, he has texted her a lot to say sorry, but there’s no room in her heart for forgiveness.

He’s interested in repairing things, and she feels horrid for admitting this, but she can’t get back together with him after he secretly sprung her mom on her while proposing.

They have since been arguing a lot through their text messages, and while she wishes she could block him, she can’t since they work in the same office and have two projects they need to complete together.

She’s staying with one of her friends right now while trying to find a new place to live, as she’s worried her mom will know her address after her ex-boyfriend tracked her down.

She’s still shocked that he was even able to find her mom’s number, as she never told him her mom’s name.

What advice do you have for her?

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