She Found Out Her Partner Was Cheating For Years But Refuses To Sell Their House Unless He Gives Her Half Of What The House Is Worth

KOTO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are so many difficult arrangements to make when you break up with someone, especially if you share a home with that person.

It’s even harder to make arrangements when you spent a lot of time building that home with that person.

One woman is standing her ground, expecting fair payment from her ex-partner for their house after she found out he’s been cheating repeatedly.

She’s 38, and her ex-partner is 42-years-old. Four years ago, after two years of house hunting, they found their perfect house.

It took them a long time to find their dream home, as it would be a pretty full house. Not only would the child they share be living with them, but her partner’s mom was also expected to live with them.

Not long after moving into their new house, her partner’s dad came to live with them, too, and they started making renovations.

Thankfully, they had a lot of help, as not only did her partner’s parents contribute to the renovations, but so did her parents.

Unfortunately, while she hoped everyone would be really happy in their new home, her hopes were shattered about a month ago.

Around that time, she felt that her partner was behaving weirdly, so she decided to look through his work bag on impulse.

KOTO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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