She Went On A Date With A Guy Whose Mom Called Him 5 Times In A Row Before Referring To Himself As A Mama’s Boy, And Now He’s Angry That She Turned Around And Told Her Friends About This

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She Just Went Out On A First Date With A Man Named Jack

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A 27-year-old woman recently went out on a date with a 30-year-old guy named Jack. This was her very first date with Jack, and it also happened to be her last.

She And Jack Have Mutual Friends

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Now, she does not know Jack well, but he’s friends with some of her friends, and that’s how they got together in the first place.

Jack Seemed Pretty Normal Before They Went Out

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She did spend a bit of time chatting with Jack before planning a date together, and she thought he seemed like just your average kind of guy.

As Soon As They Sat Down On Their Date, Jack’s Mom Called

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On their date, they went out to a cafe. As soon as they sat down, Jack’s mom called him. He picked up the phone with her sitting right there so she could clearly hear everything that he was saying to his mom.

She Thought Maybe Jack Was Anxious

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Jack let his mom know that they had gotten to the cafe and everything was good. She figured that perhaps Jack had some anxiety and maybe his mom was just wishing him some good luck on their date.

But Half An Hour Later, Jack’s Mom Called For A Second Time

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“We got talking, and within half an hour, his mum called again; he picked it up and gave her an update of everything we had talked about in the last 30 minutes,” she explained.

Jack’s Mom Called Three Additional Times In The Following Two Hours

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“It weirded me out, but then she proceeded to call him 3 more times within 2 hours! And he would recap everything we had talked about right in front of me and then go back to the conversation as if nothing had happened.”

Jack Claimed He Was A Mama’s Boy

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“I even commented about his mom’s constant calling, and he said he’s a “mama’s boy.” It weirded me out, so I cut our date short and turned down his idea for dinner.”

When She Got Home From The Date, She Put Jack In His Place

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“When I reached home, I messaged him that I had a good time, but I couldn’t see a future with him as our personalities were poles apart. He responded, “Okay, best of luck.”

Her Friend Later Asked How The Date Went

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The friend who had connected her with Jack in the first place, of course, was curious about the date had gone, and she told her friend the truth.

She Pointed Out How Jack’s Mom Called Him So Much illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

She mentioned to her friend that Jack’s mom literally called him every half hour of their date, and she filled her in on the rest of the weird details.

She Heard Jack Asked Another Girl Out, And He Got Turned Down

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Since her date with Jack, she knows he asked out some other girl, and that girl promptly said no to him.

That Girl Heard About Her Own Bad Date With Jack

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As for why this girl declined a date with Jack? Well, everyone in their friend group knows about how bad their date was and how Jack is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy.

Jack Is Furious She Shared Details Of Their Date

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Jack immediately texted her after he got rejected, and he called her some really nasty names before insisting that their date should have been private and no details should have been shared with their friends.

What Bothered Her The Most About The Date Was Jack Giving His Mom A Play-By-Play

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“I mean, it wasn’t the constant calling that stuck out to me; it was the fact that he was literally recapping everything to her,” she said.

Jack Clearly Depends Too Much On His Mom

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“This whole severe codependency situation didn’t sit right with me at all.”

She’s Wondering If It Was Wrong Of Her To Dish Details Of The Date illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

She’s left wondering if it really wasn’t right of her to tell her friend the truth about her date with Jack. Do you think she should have said it was private information and refused to talk about it?

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